Fully Integrated Technological School Software


Fit School is a comprehensive management tool for Schools, enabling and empowering the management with Information Technology. Fit School built by functional, Technical and business experts takes care of Administrative, Academic and Financial activities of the School. It relieves the management from administrative stress and sets more focus for Quality education.

Fit School is tailored to meet the needs of any School irrespective of its size, Strength or Structure. Fit School provides accurate and timely information to the management with complete control and security. Fit School organizes, stores and retrieves real time data to provide information support for instant management decisions. The unique modular construction of the software helps to meet the challenging demands and envisages the need for future scalability.

Implementing the software requires no special IT knowledge. The standard windows conventions and procedures, simple and sequential process used in Fit School helps implementing the software in least possible time.



Admission module provides you with quick access to every student related function in powerschool. With a few mouse clicks, you can view a student’s profile to whatever information you may need at the moment.

Screen Applications that match your admission criteria, make admissions, assign roll number/class/section. Manage promotions and transfer between classes, sections and issue of transfer certificates.


  • Student Information and Admission
  • Student Fast Admission
  • Class Allocation
  • Transfer Certificate
  • Drill Down Queries
  • Admission Registers
  • Student Register
  • Admission Register and Withdrawals
  • School Strength
  • Various Reports on Admission Module
  • Admission
  • Fees
  • Accounts
  • Timetable
  • Attendance
  • Library
  • Marks
  • PTA
  • Transport
  • Student Profile
  • Alumni
  • Pay Roll
  • Book Stores
  • Trust Office

  • Easy to use: intuitive interface
  • Context-sensitive help available from all fields
  • Intelligent defaulting and cursor movement
  • Keyboard centric: minimal use of the mouse is required on all screens to allow for rapid data entry
  • Accurate: powerful algorithms flawlessly handle the most complex situations in a blink
  • Secure: Supervisor defines the privileges for users.
  • Flexible: can be tailored to the user needs of any school’s information and reporting requirements.
  • Adaptable: links directly to the Time Card Reader on Customization.
  • Open-ended: no limit to the number of classes, students and staff that can be defined and tracked separately. Utilizes SQL, ADO/ODBC to allow full exposure of all data.
  • Complete reporting capabilities: contains more than two hundred predefined reports, each with extremely flexible selection and sorting capability.
  • Archivable: all data remains on file in either detail or summary form Technologies for as long as it is needed for historical reporting purposes.

Technology Used :

  • Database : Sybase ASA
  • RAD Tools : Power Builder
  • Data Management : Client/Server Technology

Security and Backup :

  • User level password access
  • Menu wise user access controls
  • Backup to any external media
  • Data restore option

General : 

  • Single user / Multi user options
  • Pre defined hot keys for quick access
  • Instant help screens.

For effective running of PowerSchool application, the following are pre-requisite system requirements.

Operating system : Windows 2003/Windows XP/Windows 2007. Fit School runs on all standard windows operating systems.

Hardware Configuration : In the Server system the Hardware is provided as Server with minimum of 300 GB HDD and 2 GB RAM along with pre installed Windows Server 2000 / 2003 will enhance the data transmission speed. In the Client machines the following configuration provide best results.

  • Processor : Intel Dual Core 2 GHz.
  • Memory : Min 2 GB RAM and above
  • Disk Space : 10 GB free hard disk space
  • Display : 800 X 600 and true colour 24 or 32 bit
  • Network : Fibre optic LAN network with 10/100 Ethernet card
  • CD ROM : DVD writer
  • USB : USB Enabled
  • Printer : 9 / 24 pin 132 column dotmatrix or inkjet/ laserjet
  • Internet : To provide after sale services through Internet

Anti-virus Protection : Any one reputed anti-virus software to be installed and updated periodically for safety of data and operations.

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